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Dear Global Shopping Customer:




  Hello! In order for you to better select overseas items on the Global Shopping platform, please read and fully understand the content of this notice before placing an order, make an objective judgment on your own risks, and fully agree with the content of this notice before placing an order.

  1. All overseas products you purchase through this platform are equivalent to overseas purchases, so the products themselves may not have Chinese logos and instructions. If you don’t know much about the products, it is recommended to contact the buyer to understand clearly and then purchase carefully;

  2. The goods you purchased are all overseas items, and the goods meet the standards or technical specifications of the origin on quality, health, safety, hygiene, environmental protection, labeling, validity period, etc., which may be different from the relevant standards in mainland China. Any harm, loss or other risks that may arise will be borne by you. 

  3. According to relevant laws, regulations and policies, the cross-border imported goods you purchase are limited to your own use and cannot be resold.

  4. Global Shopping is the platform operator, and the goods are provided to you by the buyer, who is responsible for the quality and safety of the goods.

  Global Shopping selects the best products from around the world, helps overseas brands build a bridge of trust with Chinese consumers, and also brings more abundant and high-quality imported goods to Chinese consumers.